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Working Towards a Better Ride, Today & Tomorrow by Gypsy, Founder & President - HTRC

Head Turners RC™ is a Women's riders group.

About Us – What does Head Turners mean? I was talking with a friend about what to call our group, they mentioned “whether you are all riding on the road or pulling in somewhere you ladies are all turning heads” and it just stuck, Head Turners! While we like to sparkle and shine, we are better known for shining from within, and Igniting the Soul!

Established – Oct 20, 2017 in Orange County, Calif. We are recognized by the color Purple & White. Purple represents, Energy, Imagination, Stability and Aligning oneself with the universe. White represents classy, honest and high integrity ladies ... the “good gals”!


We are a riding club comprised of classy ladies, who have a driving passion to ride, agree to core basic principles of the Head Turners organization, specifically; safe riding, honesty, integrity, and genuine respect of other riders and to those within our group. We take pride in respecting other clubs and the law.

Head Turners was founded by Kristin Peterson. Several years ago Kristin decided she wanted more women to enjoy the passion of riding and be the driver vs the backseat fender candy. It was clear that she wouldn’t blend into the “mans” biker world by dressing down rather always presenting herself as a stylish feminine rider. Kristin knew there were other ladies who also wanted to look as fine as their ride, have a fun social life, and the group of ladies she rode with began to grow.


If you would like to be part of a group of women who love to ride, empower other women, are integrity driven, beautiful from within, and enjoy helping others be a better rider, contact us with a PM on Face Book or via email:


You can follow us on Face Book Page Head Turners RC or on Instagram at HeadTurnersRC.


Gypsy, Founder & President 

Head Turners RC

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