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Head Turners RC

Coming together from a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences, our skilled team of riders is the backbone of Head Turners RC.  

Gypsy ~ Founder

Experienced, trustworthy, fun, Founder, and President,  these are just a few of the ways describe this leader of HTRC.  Gypsy is always striving to Inspire the Soul! She decided to create an RC where women are supportive, uplifting celebrating each others strengths with No Drama.  If there are Twisties, that is where you will find her!


With us since our founding, Boots is one of our original club members. Genuine, Sweet, and Smiles for Miles! That’s our lovely Boots!  Her laughter lights up smiles across faces where ever she is.  Make no mistake she can pound miles on the road while looking amazing and has completed a mini iron butt!


Liberty joined Head Turners RC with the drive to lead by example demonstrating what it is to be a strong feminine woman rider.  Liberty is a lady with the heart of red, white and blue, values her country and those who protect it 1000%! Liberty balances the club with her beautiful spirit, experience and quality.


Sparkles brings years of riding experience.  She set the bar high for other Bling Bikes as she started Blinging her Bike over 5 years ago and set the standard for biker classy bling!  Her bike has been highlighted in several magazines! While she Sparkles she is an extremely experienced  beautiful bad ass rider! From top to bottom, inside to out Sparkles ....Sparkles!


Cali joined Head Turners RC learning quickly that she joined a riding group of women who are supportive of each others strengths and have an amazing time.  Cali has been riding since she was 8 on all different types of motorcycles. Her positive energy, strength & playfulness are in equal balance. Cali is one bad-ass rider!


Kodak is a genuine thoughtful woman. Then she has this other side that creates explosion laughter moments! If you've been around her you know what I mean! She is uplifting to other women and encourages others to do the same. Kodak creates the incredible photos and video compilations that truly inspire the soul !


Always vigilant, insightful and a bit mysterious, Raven is strong in thought and wisdom making her a strong cornerstone of our group. Likewise, she likes to kick up her heels with the club and have a fun time. Raven is one who will pick up and ride to roll anywhere especially since she recently upgrade her ride to the Road glide! 


Small and mighty, don’t mistake Tigger for a lightweight!  She is the bounce back and make it happen lady!  Anything that comes her way she takes head on with a smile and positive energy!  Her compassion for helping others is heartfelt and demonstrated in all of her actions.  Tigger will bounce out for a ride anytime!


Constantly busy with the most incredible ideas to help other around her to have a better outcome.  you will find her helping others and finding ways to brighten another person day. Cooki is the one that will lift up your day in a heartbeat! Her energy and enthusiasm is unmatched!

Life is better with our Cooki!